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White Fillings in Grand Junction, CO

There’s a good chance that you’ve struggled with a cavity at some point in your life, or that you will. You may have heard of silver fillings being used to fill in your tooth and restore strength and functionality to your teeth again. Because of the advances in the world of dentistry, your dentist can offer white fillings as a way to keep your teeth looking completely natural on top of being fully functional and pain-free again.


How White Fillings Can Help You
When a cavity is left untreated, it can develop into something worse that will be slightly harder to treat. It can also cause bacteria to enter your bloodstream and affect other parts of your body, as well as your mouth. It’s important to fill your tooth as soon as a cavity is detected so that you can avoid any decay from setting into your smile.

In the past, silver fillings have always been the standard and could stand out in your smile, making you feel uncomfortable showing your smile off. Now, white fillings are an option, which will help you have a completely uniform color on all your teeth. White fillings are designed to obviously blend in with the rest of your teeth and help you keep a totally natural look.

Fillings are also designed to protect your teeth from any further damage or decay from getting into your smile. Fillings can help restore function to your teeth, and they will help you bite and chew with ease once again. You’ll also feel relief from any pain you may have experienced with your cavity.

Learn More About White Fillings Today!
White fillings are the best way to save your smile from cavities and keep it looking totally natural and bright. Contact Larsen Dental in Grand Junction, CO, today at (970) 242-2717 to learn more about white fillings and how they can restore your damaged smile!

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